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Working with us

Every member of the NBCUniversal International family
is an essential part of making our dream a reality.

Our Values

Our values inspire us to create and deliver content so compelling it entertains, informs and shapes the world. Together we dynamically collaborate across locations, time-zones, businesses and functions. We live our values every day – they are integral to our diverse and talented NBCUniversal family:

INTEGRITY: Do the right thing and treat people right.
CREATIVITY: The environment and resources to dream new dreams.
TEAMWORK: We are smarter and more dynamic together.
PIONEERING SPIRIT: The drive to invent the future.
OWNERSHIP: Act like an owner and not a renter.

"I love working in such a fast paced, creative industry where I can constantly learn and grow."

Alison, Advertising, Australia

"The thrill and excitement of working at NBCUI drives me every day and makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning. Every day offers a new opportunity."

Arjun, CNBC Digital, UK

"NBCUI allows me to be part of something GREAT that the rest of the world will be able to see."

Norman, IT Technical Accounts, Singapore

"I wanted to be part of an organisation who entertains, informs and shapes the world."

Beth, Talent, UK

"It was the brands and rich history that first attracted me to NBCUI. Now it’s the support, the people and opportunity that keeps me here."

Shannon, Marketing, Australia

"Exciting content, and great people to work with!"

Naoko, Finance, Japan

"At NBCUI, I get to work with the best talents in the business and learn from people who inspire me. I thoroughly enjoy the collaborative spirit felt throughout this truly global organisation."

Weiwei, Ad Sales, Singapore

"The company culture at NBCUI is second to none. The leaders of the business also encourage us to be creative in our roles which in turn leads to an extremely motivated team."

Fraser, Sales, UK (Northern Ireland)

"I joined NBCUI because of a fantastic opportunity, and now the reason I love it is the people. They are all supportive, a lot of fun, not to mention leaders in their field."

Warren, Production, Australia

"It is a fact that I really enjoy going to work every day. On the one side, because my job brings me a lot of fun and on the other side, because I like my team very much."

Eva, Programming, Germany

"I work here at NBCUI because it feels like family to me. Colleagues got friends and work just doesn't feel like work anymore."

Marcus, Finance, Germany

Your Development

"The great thing about NBCUI is they don’t just see you for the job you currently fulfil, they look for the potential job you could hold one day in the future. With the support of my managers I’ve built a fantastic network of colleagues around the world."

Warren, Production, Australia

"In the 5 years I’ve been at the company, they’ve developed me from a wide-eyed intern in the Amsterdam office into an associate director in London doing an exciting job I didn’t know existed before I got here."

Amit, Acquisitions, UK

"You are encouraged to think about where you want to go within the company and what skills you need to progress. A huge number of resources are available and there is very much a culture of support and communication across teams to encourage development and movement."

Caroline, Legal, UK

"You’re always responsible for our own career, however, at NBCU I have found my managers really supportive of proactive professional development. If there’s an opportunity to do something, beyond my remit, but could be value to me and NBCU then they are fully behind me."

Matthew, Operations & Technical Services, UK

"With the help of my managers, I really have developed my skills throughout the years that I've been working here. "

Tilma, Finance, Netherlands

"Every day is a fresh, new set of challenges - solving fascinating problems, always learning something new and being on the cutting edge of media and technology."

Pank, Business Development, UK

"NBCUI is a great place to work, as change is a constant, making every week a new adventure. The challenges are rewarding and you never stop learning, adapting and progressing."

Paul, Information Technology, UK (Northern Ireland)

"The induction process and ongoing training from NBCUI has helped develop the necessary skills to develop my career. You get to learn from both internal and external personnel which gives you a fantastic mix."

Fraser, Sales, UK (Northern Ireland)

"My role at NBCUI is challenging and never dull! I can progress my career and my love of golf, at the same time."

Andrew, Marketing, UK (Northern Ireland)

"NBCUI fosters and empowers its talent, which is something I’ve experienced first hand."

Amit, Acquisitions, UK

"I’ve always been a huge Sci Fi Fan. No question – I was meant to work for Syfy one day. I’m doing this for 10 years now and there is still a lot to come."

Daniel, Programming, Germany

Our mission is to provide our people with inspiring training that motivates and engages them to achieve their full potential. We’ve invested in a suite of learning and development experiences that are uniquely designed to develop and engage our people to deliver for today and tomorrow’s digital future…

Our Benefits

We believe that each and every person contributes to NBCUniversal’s success. Due to this, we provide a suite of benefits to help our people to manage their lives and to have some fun too! Each of our International offices offers a bespoke range of benefits that are designed to offer you financial security, help you plan for your future and to simply make your day just a little bit better…

"I’m a film fanatic. I love the content NBCU produce and I feel extremely proud to work for one of the world’s leading media organisations. The benefits are pretty amazing too!"

Rajvir, HR (Centre of Excellence), UK

"I was attracted to NBCUniversal International by a flexible role that worked well with my family life - a good feeling at my interview and a live studio!" 

Katie, HR, UK

"I love getting DVDs. I will always buy them… so the fact I get them every time there’s a big release is great!" 

Ellie, Marketing, UK

"I absolutely love media; to work for one of the world’s most influential media companies is such an honour! PLUS, we get to see world premiere screenings of all our films!" 

Olivia, Marketing, UK

"Being able to watch films prior to their UK release in our regular staff screenings is such a great way to spend a morning!" 

Abbie, Creative, UK

One NBCUniversal Family

We celebrate and embrace our uniqueness, our family believes that by working together and sharing our strengths, we can achieve the highest level of excellence. We encourage every person, regardless of background, experience or orientation, to participate in the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. Our Employee Resource Groups emphasize the values of a truly inclusive workplace and we’re incredibly proud of them….