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Top Tips: Advice from a Current Intern

Let me first start by saying that in no way am I an expert in job applications… but for those of you reading that would like to hear from the viewpoint of someone who has done exactly the same application process, I hope this is useful. I do believe that being yourself is definitely a key point. But In this instance I’ll try to stick to something more tangible that you can prepare with.

top tips for choosing internship

Questions – These are probably one the best tools you can use during the interview process. There is nothing that expresses your interest in an opportunity more than asking insightful questions. A good interview is where you are having a two way conversation about the possibilities and opportunities of the job in hand. If this doesn’t happen your expectations of the job might be completely different to when you actually begin. This process is as much about finding out if the role is the right fit for you, as it is the recruiter trying to find the correct candidate.

BUT! Make sure that they are relevant to the topics in discussion. Don’t blurt out a pre-rehearsed question that you’ve given little thought to because you think it might make you sound intelligent, it could backfire if you haven’t prepared your opinions on the topic.  In my very own interview at NBCUI I had my question flipped on its head, and if I didn’t have an opinion it would have been embarrassing.  The best way to prepare for this links into my next key tip for the application process; research.

Pleeease get online and find out everything you can about NBCUniversal International – the ‘International’ part is key! I realise that NBCUniversal is a fairly large business… you’re not expected to memorise everything about the company’s history, such as it was founded by the German immigrant Carl Laemmle in 1906 (I cheated on that one). More to the point, a great start is to find out the latest news stories, projects and investments we are involved in. Being able to reference these shows you have invested your time because you are passionate and serious about working here.

Photo of Intern ElliotThere are a few questions that you are guaranteed to have to answer, I shouldn’t even have to tell you this.

You may spend longer trying to think of reasons why you wouldn’t want to work here, never the less, spend some time on it. Another one is what makes the department you are applying for so special, and going even further, why is doing it at NBCUniversal even better. If you can express what makes the role so special it can be key to evoking the emotion and hard work you will apply once you begin.

In preparation for any stage of the application try to think of what makes you stand out. Start by highlighting what you think your best attributes are, and then think of at least two experiences in your life where you have demonstrated that. You cannot boast about your skillset without describing the experience to back it up. This experience doesn’t need to have been in the working environment, we realise that many of you will be applying so that you can get that working experience on your CV. So it can be from volunteering, team sport, travelling, you name it. Now a great way to express these attributes is through the STAR technique. Find out more here. Many of you may have heard of it already, but it is a way for you to structure your responses without waffling on, whilst keeping concise and to the point with all the good stuff kept in.

Try to express how these attributes would make you an important member of the team, after all you will be working together for a year! As I’m coming to the end, I should briefly mention about being yourself, this is incredibly important, otherwise you will come undone when you start working. You can’t fake it for the entire year!

I hope this post has been useful to at least a few of you. Good luck in your applications!

~ Elliot, Finance, UK