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Parks & Perseverance

Hi there! My name’s Natasha and I’m a Trade Marketing Executive with the Universal Parks & Resorts team. As a media graduate, finding a job at NBCUniversal International is a dream come true. Since leaving university many years ago (I won’t say how many), working at NBCUniversal has been a goal of mine.

Natasha Ewhe Pic v2Working in a variety of marketing positions thereafter, I never forgot about the company and always kept a lookout for roles to apply for. After an unexpected turn of events in my career, I finally seized upon the opportunity to work in Parks & Resorts – albeit a temporary one.  But this didn’t deter me in the slightest and I went ahead with my application with success.

A position that began as a three-month stint has now become a permanent role eight months later. You may be wondering, how did this happen? Here are my tips and advice on making the most of out of any opportunity:

  • Be enthusiastic – enthusiasm goes a long way and getting involved with your team and various company initiatives is a great way to meet people.
  • Always be positive – even if something is difficult try to see it as a challenge and a chance to show what you’re really made of.
  • Be professional – perhaps a given, but never forget that you’re not only representing yourself but also the company you work for.
  • Be yourself – extremely cheesy, I know, but this definitely rings true. Share your interests/ hobbies with your colleagues and you’ll probably find a kindred spirit…

Having a good, supportive team around you is very beneficial and will help you fit right in. Even though I began as a temporary member of staff, I was never treated as ‘The Temp’ and everyone made me feel welcome and a part of the team.

So the moral of this story?

Show that you’re passionate and hardworking and those qualities will shine through. Things might not happen exactly when you want them to, but a company like NBCUniversal will see your potential and do their best to retain you. Always persevere and don’t give up on your goals!

~ Natasha, Universal Orlando Marketing, UK